How to Apply

To formally apply we require the following information to be hard mailed to us:


 1. Product catalogs (or brochures or other printed material with photos you use to market your product/s.) Please do not request that we go to your web site. If photos and info of your product can only be found on the web, please print that info and hard mail it to us. Remember, this info will be reviewed in a Board meeting type situation. It is critical that we have something in hand.


2. Wholesale pricing. Please provide us with an order sheet or other showing the wholesale price of product/s represented. This allows us to see where you fit in the market place.


3. A business card or other quick reference contact info of the primary rep applying to the show.


4. A photo of your booth from another show. This item #4 is not a requirement but is appreciated in that it may result in a quicker decision in your favor.


5. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ACTUAL PRODUCT. It will not be returned and isn’t necessary for us to make an informed decision so long as the above four items are adhered to.


*Please hard mail items 1-4 to:


Northern Michigan Gift & Souvenir Show

Attn; Jim Liska

P.O. Box 821

Harbor Springs, MI 49740


Phone: 231-526-1270